Frequently asked questions

How do I measure for and choose the right size waist beads?

Before placing any order for waist beads, it is recommended that you use a measuring tape to ensure you are choosing the proper length. If measuring tape is not available, you could also use string and a ruler. Do's *Do measure around the place where you want your waist beads to rest on your body. *Do keep in mind the method you are choosing for the closure as this will also have an effect on the length of your waist beads. *Do determine whether you will be using your waist beads as a tool for weight loss or waist management so that you choose the appropriate length for your current size as well as your goal. For this, the adjustable 6 inch chain option is recommended. *Do remember, measure twice, cut once! Don'ts *Do not measure over clothing as they can lessen the accuracy of your measurement. *Do not suck in your belly or lie down while you are taking the measurement. *Do not measure to tightly around your belly so that you don't order a size smaller than you need as sitting and eating changes the circumference of your belly and may cause the beads to pop. You don't have to be a size 2 to wear waist beads. Women of all shapes and sizes can wear them. Whether you are accentuating your waistline, tracking weight loss progress, displaying your personal style, creating an intimate secret, or wanting to embrace and honor your feminity, waist beads are the perfect addition to the body you have.

How do I measure for beads when planning to lose weight?

First measure yourself where you want the beads to rest on your body for the most accurate sizing. For weight loss, it’s best to take the measurement and subtract about 4-5 inches and add a 6 inch chain extender. If more weight is expected to be lost, than subtract 10-11 inches from the size and add a 12 inch chain extender. Example: If you were to measure at a 43, you would subtract the 4-5 inches to 39/38 (sizes run in a 3 inch range so you would choose a 36-39). Adding the 6 inch extender would make the adjustable range from 36 to 45 enabling you to adjust down as you lose weight.

How do I measure for beads for pregnancy?

First measure yourself where you want the beads to rest on your body for the most accurate sizing. For pregnancy, the clasp closure is recommended so that you can add a chain extender. Use your current measurement so that you may keep your beads postpartum and adjust back down as your womb shrinks.

I'm having a hard time selecting the design I want/need. Can you help?

I am more than happy to help. I offer two different services to assist in bead selection: Consultations and Reading Consultations. After the Consultations, I will assess the information gathered to choose the appropriate designs or create a custom design. Consultation appointments can be accessed through the Services menu.

My beads popped. Do you offer repairs or do I have to purchase new beads?

Whether you choose to purchase new beads is completely up to you. If you bought beads for their energy, sometimes they pop because they have served their purpose and are no longer needed. However, I do offer repairs for a small fee. Visit the Store Policy page and click the Repair button. Select the appropriate option in the drop down menu of the listing.

I've made a mistake in choosing my size and now my beads don't fit. Can the beads be adjusted?

For traditional tie-on beads, if the beads are too big, its just a matter of sliding the extra beads to the end of the string before tying and cutting the excess off. For any other sizing issue or wanted alteration like changing the closure, access the Repair listing and select the appropriate option in the drop down menu.

Do you have a physical store?

Currently, no there is no brick and mortar store but as Bless Your Belly is growing, it is in the works. I have partnered with some stores around the country to offer a selection of beads.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

I do not accept returns or exchanges for hygiene purposes. Cancellations are allowed only withing a 24 hour period after placing an order. Please refer to the Store Policy page for details.

Can I shower, bathe, swim and sleep in my waist beads?

Absolutely. Properly secured waist beads, whether tied on or clasped, can be worn at all times.

How do I wear my waist beads?

Where you place your waist beads on your body is a matter of what is the most comfortable for you. A lot of women prefer to wear their beads around their pantyline but you can wear them right around the waist, navel or on the hip. Just be cautious when pull off clothing.

How do I tie on my waist beads?

Firstly, wrap the entire strand of beads around the part of your body you want them to rest. Depending on how you measure, you may have extra beads that need to be removed. Before knotting, cross the strands where you plan to tie and slide any excess beads to the end of the string (at the big end beads). Do NOT cut them off yet. Now you can tie about 4 knots to secure the beads in place. I strongly recommend at least 2 surgeon's knots. After you're done tying, you can cut the string and any remaining beads off. At the bottom of this page is a video that can also help with learning to tie on your waist beads. It is sometimes helpful (and also a bonding experience) if you can have someone assist in tying your beads for you.

Can babies and children wear waist beads?

Yes they can. In fact, in Ghana, babies receive their first beads during naming ceremonies and young ladies in Congolese and Yoruba traditions are given beads by their elders as a rite of passage into womanhood (sometimes around their first menstrual cycle). Bless Your Belly offers waist beads for your princesses and queens in training.

What do the colors and crystals mean?

Colors and gemstones have various energies and healing properties. Please take a look at the Colors & Stones page under the About section to see some of the meanings but also I encourage you to do research to determine what is right for you.