Cleanse your space, crystals, beads and self with our Smudge Kit. Basic Kits come with:


(1) Sage Stick

(1) Palo Santo

(1) Selenite Stick


Sage, Palo Santo and Selenite are essential to purifying, clearing negative energy and making room for blessings. Sweet Water Sanctuary offers a basic kit equipped with all 3. Kits can be upgraded with lavender or rose petals, 5-6 inch Abalone Shell, Lion's Paw Shell and your choice of amethyst, clear & smoky quartz crystal clusters. Choose crystals individually, in pairs, as a part of the Essential 3 (clear quartz, amethyst & smoky quartz).


Please expect size and color variations with crystals as they are rough, natural stones.

Essential Smudge Kit