Description: Galvanized silver beads strewn throughout accentuate crystal quartz, citrine, amethyst and rose quartz stones.


Inspiration/Meaning: Essence is defined as the most important part or indispensible quality of something. These beads were made using 4 essential gems that are energetically valuable and that anyone can benefit from, especially your young queen in training: crystal quartz is an energy amplifier so it enhances the power of other stones, citrine is great for uplifting, joyful and creative energy as well as the solar plexus, amethyst not only is an intuitive stone but also offers protection and purification to its wearers and rose quartz is the ultimate love stone promoting not just love for others but love of onesself.


Suggested Charms/Pairings: ankh, Gye Nyame, Ohm, Tree of Life