Description: Multicolored seed beads strewn throughout accentuate ruby, amber, gold rutile quartz, emerald, kyanite, iolite and auralite stones.

Inspiration/Meaning: Down the midline of our bodies exists 7 centers through which energy flows. These centers are called chakras and are vital to achieving internal balance. Life's challenges can create imbalances that disrupt the flow of energy. Kundalini Rising incorporates healing stones that correspond with each chakra to get your energy flow back in alignment. These waist beads feature ruby for the root chakra, amber for the sacral chakra, gold rutile quartz for the solar plexus, emerald for the heart chakra, kyanite for the throat chakra, iolite for the third eye, and auralite for the crown chakra.


Suggested Charms/Pairings: serpent, Ohm, lotus

I Rise