Description: Pink and gold seed beads strewn throughout accentuate rose quartz stones.

Inspiration/Meaning: Starting from an innocent, naive state, we often go through trials which force us to make sacrifices in order to learn. Through this, some of us are moved to higher understandings or higher callings which may very well be off the traditional paths we were used to. The Orisha Oba was the influence for these waist beads as she signifies caring from a place of strength. She teaches us to care for ourselves and others without becoming the sacrifice or giving away our power. Her story teaches us about overcoming abuse, domestic violence and womanizing. Even in her soft and fragile energy, there is a fierce warrior who wields a sword with a swift sense of justice. Discover or rediscover your power and make way for the better things to come by releasing the energy of Oba.

Suggested Charms/Pairings: dagger/sword, rose

Goddess of Marriage