If your beads are in need of repair or alteration, please select from the drop down menu the option that applies to your need the most. Then choose the number of strands that need to be repaired. If you have multiple strands (double or triple), please understand that each strand should be considered 1 repair. Wrap around strands are equal to 3 repairs. Strands considered mostly intact have ALL of the stones present and are about 80-90% strung. Some styles have been redesigned or discontinued so please check to see if your beads are still in the store. If you have a repair for a design no longer available or for a custom order, please contact me before purchasing a repair to see if I still carry the stones for your beads. Waist beads that are more than a year from purchase are not eligible for repair. All beads are subject to assessment upon receipt and if any extra repair is necessary other than what’s indicated then additional charges may apply and will be invoiced. All returns can be shipped to:PO Box 690101Mint Hill, NC 28227