Description: Silver-lined clear seed beads strewn throughout accentuate red jasper, carnelian, citrine, green aventurine, amazonite, sodalite and amethyst stones.

Inspiration/Meaning: Kundalini is the energy of consciousness. In a "sleeping" or "unconscious" body, it is situated at the base or root chakra. Through spiritual practice mostly, it is awakened so that one may receive higher states of consciousness. Kundalini, translated from Sanskrit means snake, lies dormant until roused so that it can uncoil itself through the 7 energy centers to reach the crown. The inspiration behind the beads is Shakti who teaches us about the abundance of energy in the universe and how to reconnect with and awaken it. 7 different gemstones beneficial to of the main body chakras energize this strand.

Suggested Charms/Pairings: serpent, Ohm, lotus