Description: Silver beads with accentuate pearls, shells, aquamarine and blue topaz stones.Inspiration/Meaning: Influenced by the magical energy of the ocean, this design boosts healing, calmness, and peace. The ocean is the origin of all life and maternal. It cradles you, nurtures you, and honors your becoming. Yemaya, the Goddess of the Seven Seas, is here to help you release, cleanse emotionally, and free yourself from old attachments and patterns that do not serve for good. If invited, Yemaya will relieve the stress and strain of stagnation and will clear any blocked energy, bringing the blessings of smooth, fluid movement, providing realignment with the Divine Flow of the Universe. Within this energy, the Goddess helps us realize our natural flow, experience smooth, steady progress and as the river ultimately flows into the sea, we will naturally flow unto the realization of ultimate success.