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gold and white marble

Belly beads are traditionally worn by women to mark rites of passage and transition into womanhood, protect feminine energy, attract or seduce a mate, and body contouring. They have evolved from their origins in Africa to spread through Eastern cultures as dowries and for belly dancing and they can be found in Western culture fashion statements. However one chooses to wear them, Bless Your Belly has belly crystals to meet your intentions. 

Physical and Spiritual Healing 

Bless Your Belly uses the natural benefits of crystals and colors to correct imbalances and promote healing for your physical and spiritual well being.


Chakra Balancing

There are also belly crystals designed to open specific chakra zones to assist in clearing blocked energy.


Maintain and Manage Waistline

Belly crystals are the perfect tool for a health and wellness plan to acknowledge your commitment and progress. Adjustable belly crystals allow you to track your efforts on the journey to achieving a desired waistline while still beautifying each milestone along the way.


Build Intimate Connections

Bless Your Belly designs affirm your connection with that special person. As a part of intimate apparel, its an expression of the affectionate relationship shared.


Celebrate New Life and Beginnings

Belly crystals are a unique way to bring blessings to a new life and the start of a new chapter. Bless Your Belly designs can be used to adorn the waists of expectant mothers to reveal the gender of the child or honor your beautifully changing belly.


Astrological Alignment

Bless Your Belly designs enhance your astrological vibration and awaken your celestial self.


Accessorize Your Attire

Belly crystals are a great element to accentuate crop tops or bikinis and present as a statement piece.

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